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Renaissance Handmade Brick

Its more than just brick. Its the rebirth of making your home your true castle. Renaissance Handmade bricks are individually handmade to give your home an  expression of unique quality and beauty for your family now and for generations to come.

Handmade Brick

No other product compares to the quality and beauty of handmade brick. Our handmade brick is truly authentic. Each brick is individually hand moulded with its own character and charm and then gas fired for the highest quality in traditional beehive kilns. They are crafted with the same old world style and class that are not easily found in the world today. Quite literally, there are no two bricks alike.

Timeless Value

The beauty of handmade brick has stood the test of time. For centuries, the worlds greatest architects have trusted the quality and beauty of handmade brick for some of the greatest structures known to man. When making a choice for your home, choose a product that will provide lasting quality, beauty, protection, and piece, not to mention curb appeal, like the brick you will find at Renaissance handmade brick. For additional information and a custom handmade brick quote, contact us at 877-579-6865.